Yamaha Raptor 350 and Its Best Performance

Yamaha Raptor 350 Engine

Yamaha Raptor is ATV series specifically for sport. One of the products is Yamaha Raptor 350. This ATV is suitable for speed and off-road riding. You can reach the top speed approximately 63 mph. That’s enough to deliver winning result in competition.

All-terrain vehicle that’s known as ATV becomes popular due to high capability to enter the off-road terrain. People may think ATV is useless because the dirt bike or cruiser motorcycle seems to be more reliable. On contrary, ATV is suitable when you carry more stuff. Besides, riding ATV brings unique experience. That’s why Yamaha produces ATV for sport. To know more about this product, you can read the below sections.

Yamaha Raptor 350 – The Design and Features

First aspect to explore from Yamaha Raptor 350 is the design. As ATV, it uses four tires with rigid frame. The design is wide but compact that’s enough for one rider. The front side is sharp and adopts aerodynamic design. Moreover, this style creates the utmost acceleration.

The handling is at the top, and the seat is enough for one person. Raptor 350 is designed to be versatile when you sit on it. While riding, there is possibility you move around aggressively. Furthermore, such riding needs space in seat, and Raptor makes rider comfortable when doing anything.

Yamaha uses the balance composition when designing Raptor 350. The fuel tank is installed under the seat, but it is still part of the frame. It helps to transfer the weight in four corners equally. You will feel easy when doing maneuver even though the fuel is at full condition.

For the features, Raptor 350 does not have much sophisticated instruments. It does not mean this product is lack of capability. On contrary, the features are compact and enough for maneuvering and handling. Yamaha focuses on delivering ATV with simple features for any level of riders.

Yamaha Raptor 350 – The Engine and Performance

Before exploring engine and performance, you must know that Yamaha Raptor 350 is mostly for sport. This is different when you need ATV for utility. Sport is for fun and competition when you do racing in off-road terrain. This is what Raptor 350 does.

On contrary, another ATV is designed for utility. Even though the basic design is quite similar, there is difference in term of engine and performance. Utility has wide body with more lifting capability. You can pack more stuffs and ride to difficult destination.

Raptor 350 uses engine SOHC with capacity 348 cc. Based on the engine capacity, this model is at medium category. You will find smaller engine less than 100 cc, and the bigger one is more than 500 cc. For 350 cc, this capacity is categorized as mid-engine.

The benefit of mid-engine is versatile to enter low and big without losing capability. When you ride this Raptor, the engine will produce enough powertrain for speed and utility respectively. You can enter the remote area, even the toughest jungle. On the other hand, Raptor 350 can go to the area which needs quick movement in limited space.

Based on the official information, this model still uses manual transmission. In that case, you need to know how to ride it properly before riding this one. Usually, the control and handling are similar to motorcycle. In fact, Yamaha develops all ATV products based on motorcycle technology.

Besides engine, this ATV adopts suspension that can reduce the shock significantly. The front and rear ones are eligible to adjust with what you need. That’s why few owners modify Raptor 350 based on the suspension level.

In general, you can control all features and transmission as long as you have enough skill in motorcycle riding. The only difference is wide seat and four wheels. ATV can balance itself and rider only does what’s necessary to move forward or backward.

The Competitors of Yamaha Raptor 350

ATV market has many competitors. Some of them are from the top companies that people recognize easily from their name. On the other side, few companies only enter ATV industry, but the products are the top quality. They are competitors of Yamaha Raptor 350.

One of competitors is Polaris Scrambler. For your information, Polaris produces several ATV, and Scrambler is the specific series for sport. This ATV is considered the top choice due to excellent performance and versatile handling.

Another competitor comes from Honda TRX250X. From its name, you can estimate the engine is approximately 250 cc. This ATV uses smaller engine than Raptor 350 but it can still compete in term of sport. Furthermore, Honda is known for the best fuel efficiency. Of course, many people will consider buying it.

The next competitor is from Suzuki Quadsport. This model is dedicated for sport which means the handling and features are better than utility. Suzuki also adds some upgrades to boost capability. You cannot ignore this one as competitor for Raptor 350.

Yamaha Raptor 350 for Sale

Yamaha also produces certain ATV for sport with different name. They might be in different segment, but few of them are interchangeable alongside Raptor. However, Raptor series have been in this market since long period, so the product is ready to compete with anyone.

Raptor 350 Related Issues

Now, you already know what Raptor 350 can do. Yamaha provides guidelines to obey: ATV is only for rider with age 16 or above. The smaller one might be suitable for 10 years old, but it is not for Raptor 350. You must know what you do before handling this one.

One issue related to ATV is the maintenance. ATV is always in harsh terrain when the owner rides it. This condition makes ATV is vulnerable and the broken might happen. In that case, you must do the inspection regularly.

Yamaha Raptor 350 Special Edition Top Speed

Yamaha provides support and spare part to each ATV they produce. As you know, the old Raptor 350 needs more parts during repairing. Well, Yamaha will give what you need. That’s why Yamaha is always at the top regarding after sale service.

Moreover, Raptor 350 is not the only one in ATV sport market. Yamaha has many competitors from various companies and manufacturers. To attract more customers, each product is designed with high capability and performance. This is where Raptor turns into prominent name.

You may visit nearby dealer and ask for Yamaha Raptor 350. ATV is the product with limited production. You must wait until this one is ready officially.

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