Yamaha Kodiak 700 as the High Performance Car

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Camo Lifted

One of the best ATVs is Yamaha Kodiak 700. This product is suitable for any terrain, even for the most difficult one. In order to fulfill the demand and expectation, Yamaha adds several features and specs. As the result, this ATV is more versatile with high performance. To know comprehensively about this ATV, you can read the following section.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 – The Whole Design and Features

ATV is not common vehicle but very practical in certain situation. As you know, ATV means All-terrain vehicle. However, this is not like a car as it uses similar engine as motorcycle. As the result, the design looks like motorcycle with four wheels.

The design for new Yamaha Kodiak 700 combines the versatile performance. It uses four tires with low pressure that’s enough to hold the entire body and engine. The front side looks like a small car, and the steering is installed at the top.

The seat is located at the top center behind steering. This area is enough for one person as driver. Of course, you may ask someone to jump and seat behind your back. However, this ATV is designed for single driver, unless the owner purchases the custom design.

Besides, the seat is easy to mount and dismount. While riding, your body will be active and need extra space. That’s not an issue in this ATV because rider may turn the body to adjust into maneuver mode. Furthermore, aggressive riding always occurs while riding and the seat will be in proper place.

Yamaha provides three options for the color: Tactical Green, Ridge Red, and Fall beige. Keep in mind each color is similar in term of design and specs. However, you must pay more for Fall Beige.

Based on the design, this vehicle is specifically for utility. You can do lifting or towing, but mostly for adventure or off-road riding. On the other side, this ATV is also practical for the sport when you want to explore difficult terrain.

For the features, Yamaha puts many things to enhance the capability. It has transmission with advanced response. You will feel similarity between Kodiak and other Yamaha motorcycles. If you are capable to handle the cruiser bike, handling Kodiak is not an issue anymore.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 – The Engine and Capability

ATV is different from the common car and motorcycle, but it utilizes both capabilities. In order to deliver utmost performance, the engine is the key that manufacturer cannot ignore. That’s also what Yamaha does for Kodiak.

Based on official information, Yamaha Kodiak 700 uses SOHC 4-stroke 686cc. As you can see, the number 700 in Kodiak represents engine capacity, although it is not exact 700 cc. Based on the engine, Kodiak is considered big engine ATV. You may find others in Yamaha lineups with smaller engines.

The engine uses compression 10:1 and fuel injection mode. Front suspension is independent double wishbone, and the rear is similar with anti-sway bar. The front brake is dual hydraulic disc, and the rear one is multi-disc wet brake. Those are the part of suspensions in this Kodiak.

The engine and suspension are responsible to its capability. With strong and solid frame, you can lift up to 300 pound. That’s impressive record for utility ATV. Moreover, the engine also delivers versatile performance. You may reduce the powertrain to adjust the terrain.

Yamaha puts both suspensions to be flexible. Front and rear suspensions have 7.1 inch and 9.1 inch respectively. Both create comfort while riding. In tough trail, this ATV comes in handy to deliver more comfortable riding. That’s what you obtain from the suspension.

Big engine does not mean lack of efficiency. Yamaha puts much effort to boost the efficiency rate. The engine consumes fuel, and the fuel tank is under the seat with capacity 4.7 gallons. This position has purpose to balance the weight. Besides, this is the reason why rider can maneuver and handle it properly.

The Competitors

Yamaha Kodiak 700 is not the only one in ATV market. Yamaha is prominent company but several competitors cannot be ignored. Moreover, Kodiak also competes with other series in Yamaha lineups. Well, Raptor is ATV with 700cc engine from Yamaha that can compete with Kodiak directly, although both are in the different segment.

At the top list, Polaris Sportsman is direct competitor as utility ATV. As similar to Kodiak, the engine is available at 500 cc to 800 cc. On the other hand, Sportsman from Polaris has excellent handling and high performance. Yamaha must put this brand into the top competitors.

The next one is Suzuki Kingquad 750. As similar to Yamaha, you can tell the engine capacity based on the number in that name. This is ATV with high capability for tough terrain. Suzuki is also known for cruiser motorcycle vendor in many competitions. Therefore, the company delivers the best ATV that competes directly with Yamaha Kodiak.

Besides Polaris and Suzuki, you cannot ignore Honda. From Honda, Foutrrax Rincon is utility ATV that Yamaha must compete fiercely. You might be familiar with Yamaha and Honda rivalry in motorcycle market. It also happens in ATV. Fourtrax Rincon is specifically for utility purpose. This ATV can manage to do many works continuously. It’s something that customer always looks for.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 2019 for Sale

Besides those brands and manufacturers, several companies also have prominent place in ATV market. Some of them are specific manufacturers that only produce ATV. The rest are company with experiences in vehicle and motorcycle industry. Mostly, ATV products come from motorcycle field due to similarity in term of engine and specification.

Other Details of Yamaha Kodiak 700

From what have been explained above, Kodiak is utility ATV or known as four-wheeler for utility purpose. Some models also have four wheels, but not much for utility. In general, you can turn sport model into utility as long as the ATV has strong frame.

Kodiak has been the top choice for utility ATV. Besides, Yamaha provides support, such as dealer, spare parts, and warranty. If your ATV is broken down, the repair and maintenance places are available in many cities. That’s benefit for having product from popular vendor.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Eps Accessories

Moreover, Yamaha Kodiak 700 is definitely what people want when asking to find the top ATV. The design, specs, features, and handling are excellent. You will also receive the support from Yamaha regarding the maintenance and repair.

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