Yamaha Grizzly 350 with Powerful Engine

Yamaha Grizzly 350 Automatic

Yamaha Grizzly 350 is the sport ATV with advanced engine and features. This product is capable to deliver what you want to do when using ATV. In order to enhance the capability, Yamaha adds several features mostly at handling and suspension. The result is comfortable and versatile utility ATV.

Yamaha Grizzly 350 – The Design and Features

Before exploring more about Grizzly 350, you must know about ATV and its capability. Well, ATV is all-terrain vehicle, which people utilize to explore difficult and harsh terrain. You might think motorcycle is better than ATV, especially the dirt bike. The answer actually depends on the characteristic of location you want to visit.

ATV focuses on the stability due to four-wheeler mode. It looks quite similar to motorcycle but has four tires. Moreover, the seat is wide and there is enough space for carrying your stuffs at rear side. For the handling, ATV mostly relies on the same handle mode as motorcycle.

Yamaha Grizzly 350 is utility ATV, which means the design is different from sport one. For your information, ATV consists of utility and sport models. As utility, the front side is wide and less curve. This style has function not to accelerate. On contrary, front side comes in handy when rider wants to penetrate in difficult area.

The seat is installed at top center with compact position. You can sit and ride in comfortable way. Usually, the seat is only for one person. At rear side, this ATV has extended section for baggage or stuffs. You can tie your bag or things then start riding.

Several features are installed at front handling. You may check the speed and RMP. Speedometer, odometer, tachometer, sign indicator, and fuel gauge are several components you can find at front side. Besides, Yamaha also adds some features to maintain ATV stability.

Floorboard is spacious and enough for keeping your feet in perfect position. This board is strong with protection to prevent soil or mud reaching the top area. Moreover, rider can keep the feet in comfortable way while maneuvering. All of them are the features you obtain from Grizzly 560.

Yamaha Grizzly 350 – The Technical Specifications

The next section about Yamaha Grizzly 350 is about technical specification, mostly the engine and performance. From its name, you can estimate the engine model for this Grizzly. Based on official information, this ATV relies on SOHC 348 cc fuel injection.

Based on engine capacity, Grizzly 350 belongs to low to mid-size segment. For your information, low engine is usually less than 250 that’s specifically for youth. However, 350 is also considered low engine for adults. In market, several ATVs have engine more than 500 cc.

The engine has similarity to motorcycle produced by Yamaha. In fact, this ATV is based on custom and advanced motorcycle engine. Yamaha puts extra effort to adjust the engine to be reliable and suitable for ATV. The fuel injection makes the fuel consumption more efficient.

Moreover, the suspension at front and rear side is hydraulic disc. Riders can change riding mode based on suspension level. As utility ATV, suspension is the key to ensure stability. You surely do not want to brake and slip because the suspension cannot afford to do extreme maneuver.

On the other hand, Grizzly is relatively faster compared to other ATV. One benefit using small engine is acceleration. ATV can boost more powertrain in normal track. That’s why some owners put this Grizzly as sport ATV after the modification.

If you are familiar with motorcycle handling, there is not issue when riding this ATV. In fact, the engine is similar to particular Yamaha motorcycle. The only difference is the additional features and equipment. ATV needs more reliable engine for long riding.

Besides 350cc, Grizzly also has engine with capacity 500cc and 700cc. At first glance, you might have difficult time to recognize between 350cc and the bigger ones. The size and design are similar. You may feel difference when riding and experience the maneuver of ATV.

Competitors of Yamaha Grizzly 350

ATV market is more competitive with several top vendors. The companies involved in this market produce high quality and capability products. Yamaha must put extra concern in order to compete and win.

At the top list, Polaris Sportsman is strong competitor for Yamaha Grizzly. Both ATVs are in utility category. Polaris develops Sportsman with advanced technology. The design is sporty with powerful powertrain. Besides, Sportsman has several models based on engine capacity.

When discussing about competitors of Yamaha Grizzly 350, you cannot forget Honda Fourtrax Rancher and Recon. Fourtrax is Honda brand for utility ATV. Technology features, and specifications are the top quality. Moreover, many people see Honda as the top choice when they need ATV with best efficiency rate. In that case, Yamaha must aware about such issue.

Another competitor comes from Suzuki. For ATV market, Suzuki Kingquad is the best choice. This ATV is dedicated for utility rider. The design is versatile to do maneuver with simple handling. In addition, the size is quite smaller that makes the rider move easily.

Yamaha Grizzly 350 2007

Besides above names, Yamaha will face other competitors. Some of them are prominent names, such as KTM. On the other side, few companies are only in ATV market like Polaris. As you can see, most companies are known in motorcycle industry.

Besides competitors from other companies, Grizzly also has strong contender with another ATV from Yamaha. In utility ATV, Yamaha has two series: Grizzly and Kodiak. To prevent direct competition, Yamaha separate them into few segments.


From explanation above, you know what this ATV can do. The engine is powerful to handle difficult terrain. Furthermore, rider can sit and control handling without much issue. Another good thing is comfortable seating. You may carry more stuff, and this ATV is still stable while riding.

Yamaha Grizzly 350 for Sale

Yamaha is not the only company in this market. Some competitors are strong contenders. They have been in market since long time ago. Moreover, certain companies have long and tough rivalry with Yamaha.

To obtain this ATV, you should check it in the nearby dealer. As alternative, secondhand market seems to be good choice since many owners sell their ATV. As long as the product is still in good condition, you can do the transaction to obtain Yamaha Grizzly 350.

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