Toyota Hilux 2020 for Powerful Engine and Capability

Toyota Hilux 2020 Overview

Upcoming Toyota Hilux 2020 comes with several upgrades. In general, the base features and design are still similar to recent model. On the other side, Toyota upgrades few items in order to enhance the capability. New Hilux is better for handling anything.

This car is pickup truck with more versatile function. You can drive it to daily driving, towing and lifting, even for off-road activity. Hilux is also suitable for commercial vehicle and emergency transportation. The car will be the first to reach disaster or remote area. More about Hilux will be explored in the following section.

Toyota Hilux 2020 – The Design and Features

Everyone recognizes Hilux as the car has been around since long time ago. The design changes each generation, but Hilux is still at the top choice regarding its capability. The recent model adopts modern pickup style with more power.

The first generation was available in several options, such as pickup, van, and commercial vehicle. Toyota reduced the model that had less demand. Until now, Hilux is purely pickup truck. Another variant was 4Runner that’s known as full-size SUV.

Toyota sold Hilux for worldwide market in early days. However, market shifted and Hilux started to be available only in Asia. Toyota replaced Hilux for North America and Europe market with Tacoma. In general, both cars are in the same segment as pickup truck. The only difference is in trim level and design.

Toyota Hilux 2020 uses style that comes from Corolla. In fact, almost all Toyota models rely on this design for Asia market. The headlight has LED with sharp contour. Moreover, the lights integrate into front grille, and the style is curvier.

On contrary, you will not see the curve front and sharp headlight in Tacoma. Toyota still keeps classic pickup truck model for Tacoma. This car is adjusted to fulfill the demand in North America. Therefore, Tacoma is completely different lineup compared to Hilux.

In addition, Hilux is available in several cabin options. You may choose single cab with short cabin space and two door. Extended cab is single cab with additional space behind front side. It is suitable for regular driving where you need to put the stuff in cabin. Another option is double cab with four doors and two-seat rows.

Each model uses the same base platform and engine. However, certain cab option might not be available due to limited production. For example, double cab and extended cab become the most popular choices. Customers need to order early when they intend purchasing single cab.

As usual, Toyota puts many features in order to boost capability. Standard seat uses high quality material for comfortable seating. The front dashboard also has new tech and app. Driver can maintain the car stability, check navigation, and obtain notifications. Those are the features you obtain in new Toyota Hilux 2020.

The Engine Specs and Details

Hilux is one of Toyota vehicles with many engine options. You may choose petrol or diesel engine that’s available in dealer. Each has its own performance and capability. Besides, some options have special engines that only available in Hilux.

The lowest engine is 2.0-liter petrol with capability to boost 139 hp. For more powerful, 2.7 liter will produce 160 hp. Both are the base options that always available in many markets. The next petrol engine is 4.0 liter with fuel injection. This is the biggest and the best engine in Hilux. This pickup truck will generate 235 hp.

The next engines use diesel as fuel. The lowest one is 2.4 liter and 2.5 liter. Each has capability to generate powertrain 150 hp and 140 hp. The latter is smaller, even though the engine capacity is bigger. For 2.5 liter, Hilux does not use intercooler. The next diesel options are 2.8 liter and 3.0 liter. For 2.0 liter, the engine is inline-4 with powertrain 177 hp.

Each engine on Toyota Hilux 2020 has different performance. They use certain trim level that leads to various powertrain. On the other side, having big engine does not mean more powerful. Toyota adjusts Hilux performance based on the demand. Certain market does not need extra power because it is enough for regular car purpose.

Toyota provides two options for transmission. As you can see, driver may pick manual with 5-speed transmission. For automatic model, the transmission is 6-speed. The car is also capable for towing and lifting more stuffs. You should check the manual before doing both activities.

The Release Date and Price

As it mentioned above, Hilux is the car that’s already on market. The latest model is part of eight generation that released since 2015. In 2017, Toyota provides facelift and few upgrades. The next Hilux will have the same appearance, but a little bit change for the features.

The price for Hilux is varied depending on the trim level you choose. The lowest price starts at $20,000. Based on official information, Hilux is available in Workmate, SR5, and Hi+rider trim levels. You pay the cheapest one on Workmate.

More price on Hilux can reach more than $30,000. Based on the engine, you may expect 4.0-liter model to be approximately $40,000. More performance will increase the price level. Besides, the price is usually higher next year due to adjusting situation.

Toyota Hilux 2020 competitors

Hilux is not the only pickup truck in market. Several carmakers have their own vehicles to compete with Toyota. The competitors come from North America and Asia manufacturers. Some of them are well-known names, and the rest is newcomer that’s ready to fight directly.

At the top list, Hilux has close competitor called Ford Ranger. Both cars are in the same category and have equal capability. The latest model of Ford Ranger has few upgrades with more technology. To compete, Toyota increases Hilux to be more reliable for any driving mode.

The next competitor comes from Honda as manufacturer in the same countries. Honda Ridgeline is considered prominent pickup truck for worldwide market. The car has everything that truck supposed to be. Moreover Ridgeline has been side by side in term of sales alongside Toyota. Hilux must be careful with this car in the future.

Besides both cars, several models are also capable to be the top competitors. Toyota must improve the quality and capability in order to attract more customers. That’s the details you should know about new Toyota Hilux 2020.

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