Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020 Mid-Size SUV

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Preview, Pricing, Release Date

After unsatisfying results in market, there is news about the release of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020. This is actually good news since previously many rumors appear and state Vitara will be discontinued due to the bad result in market in the previous year. Of course, Suzuki must have big expectations that new Vitara will bring back its glory some years ago. That’s why it is interesting to see the new stuff offered by New Grand Vitara.

Exterior Design of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020

Well, Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020 brings fresh air for all lovers of SUV. Since its first appearance, actually Vitara could create impressive results in market. However, things started to change when its competitors brought many good features and kept offering new improvements.

Because of this issue, there were rumors that Vitara will not be continued, and it will be replaced by new models. However, rumors do not come true and in fact, Suzuki is preparing the new generation of Vitara. Of course, people are interested to see what new Vitara will bring.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with the design of Vitara. The car offered nice design for the class of mid-size SUV. However, its competitors gave competitive designs and features, so these made the previous Vitara could not keep up.

In new generation of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020, there are good expectations. Based on some photos and other information, the new Vitara brings some upgrades for exterior. However, it cannot be considered as massive upgrades. In this case, fascia becomes the sector that receives upgrades.

Some transformations are given to fascia and details around it, especially the grille design and its headlamps. In addition, the trim will also get changes. However, these still do not make the exterior get massive updates to fully surprise the fans of mid-size SUV.

For other sectors, Suzuki does not make distinctive transformation. Of course, changing and updating the fascia is good idea, but it cannot be considered as the best results since most of SUVs in mid-size class for 2020 models also get improvements in appearance.

Interior Design of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020

The interior of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020 has different stories. Some substantial transformations and upgrades are given to the cabins and technologies in its interior. Of course, this is good news since people cannot get full upgrades from exterior. So far, the updates are given to give better comfort for cabin.

Based on the main concept, there is no big change since it still keeps the 5-seats cabin. However, material of seats is upgraded to give nice experience while travelling with the car. Although the materials cannot be compared to the ones found in luxurious cars, the efforts of Suzuki in bringing better material for this affordable SUV still deserve appreciation.

Then, the drivers and passengers can be quite satisfied since infotainment technologies get some new touches. The dashboard gets improvements, and one of the major parts is the replacement of screen. The screen is updated and gets better navigation system. Moreover, the safety features are also upgraded with some improvements.

The details of interior surely provide satisfactions. People can find the great updates as well. These improvements give new hopes that the car may compete next year. Although there are some contrasts between interior and exterior, so far the updates on its look and comfort deserve a good appreciation.

Engine and Performance of the New Grand Vitara

After those discussions about designs and features in exterior and interior part, the next interesting topic is about engine and powertrain of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020. Under the hood, there are many rumors about its engine. Some people state new engines will be introduced soon.

However, it seems these rumors are not true. So far, Suzuki still wants to use the existing engine. It will be four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine. Although it may create a disappointment due to the use of the same engine, actually this is still suitable for mid-size affordable SUV.

Even though it is the same engine, it seems Suzuki still gives some enhancements for powertrain. With the improvements, its engine can provide up to 165 horsepower. This power output will get supports from manual transmission in 5-speed.

In addition to this engine, there are also speculations about the optional engine. It is expected there will be 1.4-liter engine, and this will get turbocharged engine. However, rumors state it will only be available in some regions. Of course, it still needs official confirmation from Suzuki.

Release Date and Its Competitors

Suzuki Grand Vitara already existed from 1988. There are many changes in some generations until now. Of course, the bad market results still cannot fully make Suzuki stop the improvement and production of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Interior Colors and Dimensions

In term of new generation, the plans of its release are in 2019. India becomes the place to introduce and release this car. The choice is reasonable since this country is one of the biggest markets of Grand Vitara until now. That’s why India deserves to be the place of release.

In term of price, it still keeps the status as affordable mid-size SUV. For price range, the base model will have price around $25,000. It will not be more than $28,000. With this price, there are actually some competitors that can make the competitions more interesting.

For example, there is 2020 Hyundai Tucson. This name is the good competitor to mention. The car has similar price ranges compared to Grand Vitara. Then, Tuscon also has similar design that represents the midsize SUV. However, its interior becomes one of main points to compare, especially the infotainment and its materials. The engine is similar, but the output is bigger since it has 181 horsepower.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Pricing, Ratings & Reviews

The second competitor for Grand Vitara is Nissan Rogue. The price range and general aspects of its feature are quite similar to Grand Vitara and Tucson. For the engine, it uses 2.5liter inline-4 that can generate up to 170 horsepower.

Well, it becomes valuable information about the new generation of Grand Vitara. It gets some updates and improvements. With these updates, Suzuki may try to make more interesting competitions in the class of mid-size SUV with Suzuki Grand Vitara 2020.

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