Polaris Scrambler 850 for the Exploration and Sport

Polaris Scrambler 850 Lif Kit 2020

ATV looks like a motorcycle with four wheels. Some of them have three wheels, but mostly four. Few companies produce ATV, and one of the top brands is Polaris. For sport segment, this company releases Polaris Scrambler 850.

Before exploring more about this topic, you must know the ATV and the reasons why people ride it. ATV is all-terrain vehicle or four-wheeler bike. Even though, the name includes the word “vehicle”, ATV is not the car like truck or SUV. On contrary, it has the appearance that’s similar to motorcycle with four tires. Besides, the handing is exactly similar to bike.

Polaris Scrambler 850 – The Feature and Design

In general, ATV consists of utility and port. When you want to go to remote and harsh terrain, utility is preferable. It can carry many things and you can explore it easily. On contrary, sport ATV focuses on adventure to explore the new area.

Different purpose affects the way manufacturer designs ATV. For Polaris Scrambler 850, the design is compact with enough floorboard for footstep. The front side has lean and sharp section at the center that helps to accelerate. On the left and right side, the headlights are more vivid with LED. Basically, the front side is relatively lightweight and rider can turn it easily.

This ATV uses rigid frame with enough flexibility. Of course, you can do extreme jumping like off-road motorcycle. However, sport ATV can move into the tight space safely. Four-wheelers mode is important to prevent slippery. You do not need relying on the foot to maintain the balance.

Polaris adds advanced technology. The feature is essential because ATV will do many things. More features increase the capability. For this Scrambler, riders may adjust the acceleration and performance. When you need more throttle, choose the sport mode.

The seat is at the top center behind handler. One thing you must know is sport ATV only for single person. However, the utility version has wide seat. On contrary, Polaris Scrambler is for single rider during exploration.

Polaris Scrambler 850 – The Technical Specifications

The most important part in Polaris Scrambler 850 is technical specification. ATV uses similar engine as motorcycle but with different configuration. Based on official information, the engine is SOHC 850cc fuel injection. This engine also uses 4-stroke and cool liquid mode.

From the engine capacity, you can tell this ATV is quite big. You need to know how to handle 850cc motorcycle before riding this one. Even though the riding style is different, preliminary skill about bike is preferable.

The transmission is automatic PVT and shaft drive. It has weight 333 kg with the payload 131 kg. The front and rear brakes rely on hydraulic disk. For the lock brake, it has hand lever. More features include speedometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge, tachometer, voltmeter, odometer, clock, and coolant temperature.

Polaris Scrambler has powertrain approximately 78 hp. That’s more than enough to deliver utmost performance. You can explore and accelerate without much issue. Several gears that have been explained become supporting instruments.

One feature that Polaris adds is AWD mode and indicator. As four-wheeler, the riding has similarity to driving. You can turn this mode into usual rear-wheel or to be more versatile with all-wheel mode. When choosing the latter, indicator will show what the mode you have. It helps to prevent unknown maneuver.

From technical specs, Polaris puts much effort in order to create the best ATV. That’s what Scrambler supposed to be as sport ATV. For your information, Scrambler also has other models with higher and lower capacity.

The design may look similar, but each has different engine and specs. Some of them are relatively smaller with versatile capability. However, 850 model is still at the top choice. You can ride faster but can still do lifting up to 130 kg.

The Competitors of Polaris Scrambler 850

Polaris Scrambler 850 has several competitors from various manufacturers that have been in ATV market since long time ago. Some of them are the top companies with vast business. Polaris must compete directly and fiercely.

The first competitor is Yamaha Raptor 700. Raptor is ATV series designed for sport. Yamaha produces Raptor 700 with several versions. They have high performance and capability to explore the harsh terrain.

When discussing about ATV, you cannot ignore Honda. One of their ATV utilities is Honda TRX250X. This model has compact size and easy handling. Although the size is smaller than Polaris Scrambler, the capability is something you cannot ignore.

The next model is Suzuki Quadsport Z90. Suzuki is prominent company in ATV and motorcycle. The technology for this ATV adopts cruise and off-road bike. However, Quadspot uses sharp and dynamic design that can accelerate easily. As the result, Quadsport will compete directly to Polaris Scramblers.

Polaris Scrambler 850 Top Speed 2019

Besides those manufacturers, ATV market has other competitors. Polaris cannot ignore them even though the sales might not be as close as Polaris Scrambler. However, customers want ATV that’s capable to fulfill their needs and preference.

More Features of Polaris Scrambler 850

Scrambler has high clearance to avoid direct exposure to mud and soil. Besides, the clearance creates enough space for tires when doing maneuvering. You do not want all tires stuck in together, right? That’s why Scrambler is versatile for quick exploration. After reaching the destination, you can turn it back and bring more stuff in utility ATV.

Moreover, Polaris offers Scrambler in one color, which is orange. Even though the color option is only one, you may add some painting. Orange is bright color that’s easy to identify from far location. You may do not want to go stray because people cannot locate your position. Therefore, most ATV has bright color like orange, yellow, and white.

Polaris Scrambler 850 Lifted for Sale

Good thing about Scrambler is the custom and modification support. In sport, engines and features are modified in order to obtain lightweight design and fast capability. Even though the modification changes some features, the engine still delivers 78 hp.

To purchase this ATV, you should visit nearby dealer. Ask directly if Scrambler 850 is available. You may wait until this one is ready in the market. In addition, the price is quite affordable, and you get what you pay. Well, Polaris Scrambler 850 also provides warranty and after sale service.

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