New Chevy El Camino with New Design and Engine

New Chevy El Camino 2018

Chevrolet prepares new Chevy El Camino based on the old name but with new design and engine. El Camino was one of top cars with sporty, utility, and capability that made the driver can do many things. This car was discontinued due to lack of sales in car market.

Revising the old model seems to be the most reliable way for new car in entering market. Chevrolet understands the risk when introducing new car. Chevy and El Camino are two names that people recognize easily. There is still uncertainty due to market response. More about this topic will be explored in the following sections.

New Chevy El Camino – The New Concept and Development

Before exploring more about new Chevy El Camino, you must know few things related to El Camino. Chevrolet introduced this car as response to the coupe utility segment. This car looks like sport sedan but has open trunk at the rear side. In general, the basic concept is utility and sporty in single car.

Camino combines sport performance with utility capability. You can drive it as usual sport car as similar to Camaro. On the other side, the car is practical for utility, such as lifting and towing as similar to Colorado. One issue is towing capability that’s far less than real pickup.

Nowadays, the car market is not what it was three years ago. Many models are no longer in production because it cannot keep up with the demand. Besides, customers and car fans have their own way when seeing the unique style. Some of them will give appreciation then buy that car. The rest are not comfortable, and new car is failed.

This is the risk for new El Camino to enter new market. Chevrolet must choose category for this one. In past time, crossover was rare name to be the car category and only few manufactures produced crossover. Today, almost every automaker releases their own crossover. This situation is similar to El Camino because the existing market does not have category that will fit.

This challenge requires the right planning and decision. New Chevy El Camino has two options to put into recent car category. This one will be sport utility, but only from the appearance. Inside the car is much sporty like Camaro. Well, Chevrolet changes the rear side of Camaro to be more practical for utility.

This idea has risk for being rejected due to unusual approach. Camaro is known for the fast car, and having utility trunk seems to be nuisance. On contrary, there is also bright side about this idea. People like long journey but do not feel comfortable with normal SUV or pickup truck. Therefore, niche market for El Camino is created immediately.

The second option is Camino to be full sport car or pickup truck. Two choices are separated each other because Camino only has one place in market segment. The sport car seems to be excellent choice, and Chevrolet can put new engine with powerful performance.

Under the Hood and Performance

People will ask about new Chevy El Camino. Chevrolet has many options for EL Camino engine. Several engines will fit into sport utility or half pickup truck. The engine has high performance with excellent acceleration

For sport car, the engine might be between 2.4 liter and 3.0 liter that’s capable to compete with compact sport car category. Many people like sport car but they do not have time for fast driving. On the other side, sport car has to be easy handling. This is where Camino comes into the right place. This car is available to be ready for high speed driving, but easy maneuvering anytime.

Smaller car is in tough competition, and Chevrolet should try the big engine. Sport cars such as Camaro and Mustang have specific trim levels with high performance engine. The capacity is between 5.0 liter and 6.2 liter. Such engine is also available in SUV and pickup truck.

People like acceleration, and this car should be better for such purpose. El Camino must be capable to boost powertrain more than 325 hp. Furthermore, the engine will make the car reach 60 miles per hour in less than 5-6 seconds. If this happens, everyone will put El Camino in worth buying list.

Besides engines, Chevrolet El Camino needs advanced technology. The car is coupe with enough cabin space and comfortable seat. The safety measures are installed for keeping everyone out of harm. The basic sport technology will be similar to Camaro, and El Camino has pickup truck features as similar to what’s inside Colorado.

Another option for engine is hybrid or electric car. In past time, hybrid was usually for fancy style car with less powertrain, including electric car. Today, Chevrolet might use El Camino nameplate for new electric vehicle. The sport utility and electric design in single car sounds promising for future development.

The New Chevy El Camino Competitors

New Chevy El Camino competitors come from sport car and pickup trucks. Camaro and Colorado are competitions from Chevrolet lineups themselves. One of top sport cars is Ford Mustang. Everyone surely recognizes this name.  Another sport car is Dodge Challenger that’s considered as close compatriot to Chevrolet Camaro.

In pickup truck, El Camino will have tough competition since many models have been in market since long time ago. Honda Ridgeline is at the top competitor list because this is what sport utility supposed to be. Honda uses excellent handling in sport base frame. The next competition comes from Ford Ranger that receives high appreciation.

At first, Chevrolet must choose which segment the car will be. Besides sport and pickup, another potential competitor comes from crossover SUV and compact SUV. Nowadays, the car segment is not as strict as old era. One car may enter two or more categories.

The Release Date and Price

Release date for new El Camino is still unknown. Many fans and car enthusiasts try to render the design and engine for upcoming El Camino. However, there is still no reliable information for future release.

Chevrolet might consider reviving this model as special edition. The car is part of existing model, such as Camaro. With SS or Super Sport edition, El Camino will attract more customers. The base price starts at $30,000, and it goes higher up to $50,000 for new Chevy El Camino.

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