Comparison of Lexus IS Vs ES in Term of Engine & Performance

Lexus IS vs ES 2019

Exploring Lexus IS vs ES includes several aspects. It starts from the design and exterior then move into the cabin or interior. After that, you can look into the engine room and performance. The last aspect is about competitors at the same category as both cars.

Lexus is luxury brand from Toyota that releases several models in various categories. Both IS and ES are sedans in entry level and mid-size engine. Lexus IS has been in the market since long time ago although with different name.

On the other side, Lexus ES is luxury mid-size car that receives many upgrades each year. Since first generation, the latest model belongs to seventh release. That’s why the tech and design may be different. More about this topic will be explored in the following sections.

Lexus IS vs ES: the Overall Design

You can tell the car is Lexus from front grille. Lexus IS vs ES have similarity when you see the front design. It has unique Lexus accent with bold style and luxury touch. However, ES model has sportier touch. The car has keen look accent in the headlight.

ES uses smart LED for headlight at the left and right sides. You do not have to worry about visibility. Driving at night and snow will be safe and secure. At the rear side, this car uses bright safety light in LED mode. While driving,

On the other hand, the design for Lexus IS seems to retain the old style. Its headlight is not as sharp as Corolla. However, both lights at left and right sides are already in LED mode. The design looks dynamic with more curves. In fact, this car is solely for sport luxury which means IS adopts the sport accent to its entire bodywork.

From the rear side, IS model has several upgrades. As usual, the safety light makes sure everyone can see this car from far behind during nighttime or snow. Overall design for the Lexus IS model is old but sportier than Lexus ES.

For the cabin, both cars have similar composition and decoration. Lexus ES is bigger due to mid-size engine and longer wheelbase. Front dashboard has touchscreen display with many features. The navigation, GPS, entertainment, and many panels are integrated into this screen.

Besides, ES model has utmost entertainment feature. Harman Kardon works together with Lexus for premium speaker. You may plug your smartphone and then play the favorite music. This is what luxury car supposed to be.

Even though Lexus IS does not have much luxury feature, the entire cabin represents premium vehicle. As usual, internet and navigation are always available to connect any time. Driver and passengers may synchronize their phone for entertainment and accessibility

Overall score for ES model is better than IS. You should pay more for this car in order to obtain those luxury features. For sporty feature, IS model is slightly better since the features are dedicated for sporty driving.

Lexus IS vs ES – The Engine and Performance

When discussing about Lexus IS vs ES, engine is important point that cannot be ignored. Lexus IS variant is the smaller model, which means the engine is less than ES. Since the latest update, the engine for IS consists of several capacities. The car uses engine 2.0 liter, 2.5 liter, and 3.5 liter.

For 2.5 liter, this car has capability to produce 175 hp. If you want more powerful engine, 3.5 liter will deliver the best performance. Moreover, this engine also has several models.

Based on the latest information, Lexus IS with 3.5 liter has capability to exhaust between 255 hp and 314 hp. The lowest capability is for standard 3.5 liter. You can obtain more than 300 hp when choosing AWD and sport model.

The next engine exploration is Lexus ES. This car is mid-size vehicle, and it is above IS in term of car segmentation. The engine consists of 2.5 liter and 3.5 liter. Both are available in several trim levels. For powertrain, the engine is capable to produce more than 300 hp.

Beside fuel engines, both cars have hybrid model. Lexus IS hybrid is not quite popular because the company does not sell the car in many countries. On contrary, you may find Lexus ES hybrid easily as it is available in several countries. Hybrid engine combines the fuel and electric battery.

As driver, you can choose driving mode that you want when using hybrid. Usually, fuel is at the first choice and the latter is electric motor. With this combination, the car is capable to reach more mileage. In fact, Lexus is in the top list when you need luxury car with high efficient fuel consumption.

Lexus IS vs ES vs GS

Both cars use automatic transmission. This technology helps driver to maintain the balance. Furthermore, the car is also stable during fast acceleration. That’s what you need to know regarding engine and performance in Lexus IS vs ES.

The Competitors of Lexus IS and ES

The next aspect related to Lexus IS and ES is their competitors. This is interesting topic because both cars can be in the same category. The market for luxury car is tough and crowded. Lexus must fight and compete with strong contenders that have been in this industry since decades ago.

First competitor is BMW 5-series. This car is at the top list when discussing about luxury car. BMW puts many features and technology. Besides, the car has capability to turn into sporty mode. Luxury and fast driving in single car is what people want.

The next competitor comes from Mercedes Benz E Class. You cannot ignore this car because it is always in the top choice for mid-size luxury car. Besides this one, smaller model called C Class is also a strong contender that Lexus IS must face.

Lexus IS vs ES vs LS

Several manufacturers produce luxury cars as well like Audi, jaguar, Cadillac, and genesis. Each has the models that can compete directly to Lexus IS and ES. Furthermore, the new car always comes each year, and Lexus must add new upgrades if they want to stay in the market.

From above explanation, you know why both cars are the best in luxury vehicle category. Even though they are in separate segment, Lexus can put them together into one category. In that case, it is important to know the details of Lexus IS vs ES.

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