GMC Acadia Vs Terrain Review from Several Aspects

GMC Acadia Vs Terrain Size

It is tough decision when choosing GMC Acadia vs Terrain. You must know which one is more reliable and suitable for your needs. Both cars have pro and cons. Even though Acadia and Terrain come from the same manufacturer, the difference is inevitable.

This article will explore both cars from major aspects. At first, you can see the overall design of both cars. After that, you need to explore the features and engine. The latter includes performance and capability. Well, the last part will be about competitors from other companies at the same category. More about this topic, you can check in the following section.

GMC Acadia vs Terrain – The Design and Features

Two cars are in front of you, and you must guess which one is Acadia. Well, the answer is simple because Terrain and Acadia have distinct appearance. From the front grille, Terrain adopts crossover style with more curves. The front headlight is unique with C shape and it uses LED.

Moreover, Terrain has high clearance but still at standard level. Front window is much lean that creates aerodynamic contour. From front to the roof, the design is very dynamic with more curve. At rear side, the LED is installed for safety and brake lights.

Meanwhile for Acadia, the front side adopts SUV style with bold and less curve style. On left and right sides, you can see headlight with sharp and small contour. Besides, the headlight integrates into front grille as extended section.

Front window is also much lean until the roof side. However, the rear side is lees curve. As similar to Terrain, LED at rear light is for the brake and safety mode. Basically, the design looks similar but Terrain is curvier than Acadia.

The next section on GMC Acadia vs Terrain comparison will be the interior. Terrain is compact crossover SUV and the cabin is enough for two seats. Each seat has safety belt, and the last row is capable to adjust for more space. At the front dashboard, there is touchscreen display to provide important information.

GMC also puts several features in Terrain, such as Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. For safety system, Terrain uses safety alter seat, surround camera, lane departure warning, automatic braking, and collision alert.

On the other side, Acadia is mid-size SUV with three-row seat. It can keep seven passengers with enough room for luggage. If you need more space, you can fold the last row and put the big stuffs there carefully. Most features are quite similar in term of technology. The car has Wi-Fi, smartphone integration, and several safety measures.

GMC Acadia vs Terrain – The Engine and Performance

As it mentioned above, Acadia is midsize crossover, and Terrain is the compact one. Both use different engine capacity. The engine is the key aspect when discussing GMC Acadia vs Terrain. First generation of Terrain was mid-size car. In the second generation, GMC puts terrain below the Acadia.

For Acadia, it is initially for mid-size SUV. After several changes, GMC decides to put this car as mid-size crossover. Besides both cars, GMC still has SUV for mid and full size category.

Terrain uses engine 1.5 liter, 1.6 liter, and 2.0 liter. All engines rely on diesel as fuel. You will not find petrol version. Diesel is good choice for this car due to the capability to boost the performance. Furthermore, GMC decides to change market with the car series that completely diesel.

Acadia has bigger engine than Terrain. Based on official information, this model has engine 2.5 liter and 3.6 liter. Both engine uses petrol as fuel. If you like petrol car, Acadia is your answer. For diesel, you better pick Terrain.

Using this positioning helps GMC to manage both cars. Customers choose based on what they want regarding their personal preference. Both diesel and petrol engines deliver utmost performance. That’s why both cars are offered in separated market segmentation.

Well, Terrain has several trim levels, and each of them has similar basic specifications. For higher one, GMC adds few features and panels. For Acadia, the trim level also has several options. You need to check the trim level in each model to find the right one.

Even though the engine is different in term of capacity, both cars have similar support and additional features. As it mentioned above, better trim level delivers the best feature at all. Customers must pay more for that model.

Competitors of GMC Acadia and Terrain

Acadia and Terrain are in different market category. Both cars must face their competitors fiercely. Crossover SUV is prominent market due to significant growth. Therefore, he competitors put extra effort to gain more profit. That’s also what GMC does in order to attract more customers for buying both cars.

One of fierce competitors is Honda CRV. This car has everything that compact SUV supposed to be. The design is elegant with sporty appearance. Furthermore, Honda adds high tech features and specification. Besides, the car is known as the best SUV with high fuel efficiency.

The next competitor is Hyundai Santa Fe. This model is specifically for mid-size crossover SUV. The car uses sporty design with utmost features. Hyundai also adds new upgrades in order to boost the capability. This car has been in market since long time ago. GMC must put Santa Fe as the top competitor.

GMC Acadia Vs Terrain 2019

Another strong contender comes from Toyota Highlander. The design represents what crossover and SUV should be. Toyota puts several new technologies to enhance the car performance. As result, this model is reliable and capable to do many things.

Besides those competitors, many companies produce the car in compact and midsize crossover. Chevrolet, Subaru, Buick, Ford, and Nissan are automakers that produce the cars at the same category as GMC. GMC Acadia vs Terrain is not only about domestic competition, but also the international one.

More Information about GMC Acadia vs Terrain

From above explanation, you know what Terrain and Acadia can do. Both cars may be different but they are capable to compete in the same segment. Terrain is compact crossover but tends to be bigger that should be in midsize category.

GMC Acadia Vs Terrain 2018

Moreover, Acadia is specifically for midsize crossover SUV that’s also eligible to be in compact and full-size category. The differences have been explained in term of engine, design, performance, and feature. As customer, you have to choose the one with better capability. Well, that’s the importance in knowing the comparison of GMC Acadia vs Terrain.

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