2021 Toyota 4runner TRD and Its Capability

New 2021 Toyota 4runner is upcoming car with upgraded features and specs. When discussing about 4runner, you cannot forget the first generation that’s considered as the best SUV. In that time, the car was high resilient and capable to do anything.

For the next generation, some upgrades are added, including the engine. New facelift makes this car look modern and stylish. More about this car will be explored in the following section.

The 2021 Toyota 4runner Design and development

The first generation was introduced in early 1980s as a compact SUV. After two generations, Toyota changed this car into mid-size SUV. The design was longer and bigger, but the capability was still the same. Since fourth generation, this car started to obtain powerful engine.

The latest generation is fifth one with new model. Toyota does not put much upgrade in term of design since ten years ago. As you can see, the exterior still looks quite similar except several minor facelift.

Even though 4runner still retains the old look, its capability is improved, even better and more powerful. The car has new engine and better handling. Front headlight uses LED with vivid lighting. Moreover, the rear side is sportier to do lifting or towing.

Toyota uses 4runner chassis and platform for other vehicles, such as Hilux and Fortuner. You can see similarity between this one and Fortuner. However, 4runner is specifically produced for market in Europe, Middle East, and North America.

One interesting side is the design for headlight that’s still similar even though it has been some years since the latest generation is released. It seems Toyota still keeps the classic headlight model with integrated front grille. Usually, Toyota adopts Keen Look that most vehicles have in their lineups. On contrary, you will not see such thing in new 4runner.

The 2021 Toyota 4runner Feature and Interior

As mid-size SUV, the features must support car capability. The interior is spacious with three-row seat. You can add extra space for luggage after folding the rear seat. This car can keep six to eight passengers including driver.

Moreover, the interior also has new panel and handling. Front dashboard has display with several apps. Toyota also upgrades safety measures. This system will keep the driver from unwanted accident and collision. The seatbelt and airbags are ready in each seat.

Another feature is extra USB port in passenger seat. You can plug and enjoy personal entertainment. All features in this car are upgraded to ensure the comfort and safety. Those are what you obtain in new 2021 Toyota 4runner.

The Engine and Performance

Engine is the most important part in SUV. You need to check the engine when buying new car. As upcoming car, people want to know what kind of engine in the new 4runner.

Toyota does not put many options regarding engine. The car is available in two options: 2.7 liter and 4.0 liter. You can choose one of them, but each has various trim levels and additional specs. For example, Toyota provides off-road and trail trim levels when you need more capability.

Well, 2.7 liter engine is capable to deliver powertrain up to 157 hp. This model is limited production and available in specific country. The engine uses rear-wheel drive and custom 4WD. You must check the nearby dealer if you want to purchase this model.

The most common engine in 2021 Toyota 4runner is 4.0 liter. This is the common capacity in North America, especially United States. As you know, people in USA like long driving, so Toyota 4runner must fulfill that expectation.

Based on official information, this car has capability of 270 HP with V6 engine model. This car also has several trim levels. In general, the engine capability is still similar between one trim levels and other. The car uses all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. You choose the one that’s compatible with your driving preference.

Beside engine, the car has upgrade safety measures. More sensors are installed to be adaptive while driving in difficult situation. Besides, the safety system keeps the car out of control when driver wants to do harsh maneuver. That’s why Toyota 4runner is the best option if you live uncommon driving mode.

The Competitors of 2021 Toyota 4runner

People recognize Toyota as the top company in car industry. 2021 Toyota 4runner is one of vehicles they produce for SUV market. However, this car is not the only one. As you know, many companies make the car with equal capability and performance. Several competitors must be considered ultimately.

The first car that Toyota must aware is Kia Telluride. This car has been at the top list regarding the best midsize SUV. Kia introduced this car since long time ago. With new model and upgrades, it is ready to enter the car’s market.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Top Features You Should Know

Besides Kia, Toyota 4runner must face the competitor from local brand. Chevrolet Traverse is prominent competitor in mid-size SUV. The car has been favorite choice due to high durability and capability. Of course, Toyota must put this car as the source of improvement. Chevrolet understands the market, and 4runner must attract more customers in this competition.

Another competitor is Hyundai Palisade. This car is at the top list, not just from the appearance, but also its capability. Toyota 4runner cannot ignore what Hyundai Palisade can do. Efficient fuel and high performance is more than enough to compete directly with new 4runner.

In addition, some other cars are also considered the strong contenders that will fight head to head with 4runner. On the other side, Toyota has some models, such as Highlander that’s considered in the same segment as 4runner.

More Details of New Toyota 4runner

From explanation above, now you know what this car can do. The performance and specs are dedicated for high utility driving. As SUV, the car is capable to be in off-road terrain or any road that you must keep the safety at top priority. Besides, the car comes in handy when you need lifting and towing, even though the capability is less than full-size SUV. In that case, 4runner is enough for daily busy day.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Preview, Pricing, Release Date

As it mentioned above, the car is available in several trim levels. You must find the one with better specs for your preference. More features mean the price is more expensive. Good thing about 2021 Toyota 4runner is it offers affordable price compared to other competitors at the same level.

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