2020 Toyota Venza Specs Rumors

2020 Toyota Venza Facelift Unveiled

Toyota is trying to develop their Venza for the upcoming version in the next year called 2020 Toyota Venza. The company wants the future Venza will not only look better outside & inside but also performs better wholly. Now, it seems to come true because the next generation of Toyota Venza is going to be released soon. While waiting for the official release, it is better for us to discuss about its designs, specs, price, and many more.

2020 Toyota Venza Exterior & Interior Changes

Starts from its exterior, many studies say that the future Toyota Venza will significantly look different from the last version. One of the most significant changes related to the exterior is the lighter body weight. With lighter body weight, the company hopes that it will have much better fuel efficiency. However, how much it will be reduced is still unclear.

Besides reducing the body weight, Toyota will also refresh this car on some parts. Reportedly, it will have new headlights, taillights, grille and sharper lines. The wheelbase is also expected to be larger whereas the color options will surely be more various. Overall, the exterior will make it much more impressive than its predecessor.

Moving to its cabin, the future Toyota Venza will offer many new technologies. The sophisticated and advanced technologies can be found related to comfort, infotainment, entertainment and safety features. Some of the examples are such as leather upholstery, bigger legroom, complete airbags, wide touchscreen display, etc.

The upcoming Toyota Venza will surely look impressive both outside and inside. You will find the fresh look inside the cabin. The standard technologies will remain the same and there will be several new techs for improvements. With new design both outside and inside, we are sure that it can compete with the rivals well.

2020 Toyota Venza Engine & Specs

2020 Toyota Venza SUV will really upgrade the engine and specs wholly. As it is mentioned above, this SUV will use the lighter material so that we can guarantee that the upcoming Toyota Venza will be much more fuel efficient. Besides more fuel efficient, the lighter weight will also impact the speed to be faster. And there are still many other improvements related to the performances.

Still related to 2020 Toyota Venza specs, the company will reduce the weight up to around 2,500 pounds. This significant change is very impressive for improving the entire performances. However, we cannot say further because the company has not confirmed about it. Therefore, it is better to wait for the fixed specs announced by the company later.

2020 Toyota Venza Release Date & Price

After discussing about the redesigns and specs, now we will talk about its release date. As one of the most awaited SUVs today, we are sure that the future Toyota Venza will be available in the market in 2020. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when Toyota will officially introduce their new Venza. Therefore, we still need to be patient to wait for it.

From different rumors spread, we hear that 2020 Toyota Venza will come out in the early of 2020. However, there is still a chance to see it sooner so that we can also expect that it will officially be released in the late of 2019. But we cannot hope too much because the company has not confirmed yet about it until now.

Last but not least, we cannot forget discussing about the price of the next generation of Toyota Venza. Since the company is still silent, we cannot say too much about its price. However, we also received many sources which talk about the possible prices. However, you have to keep in mind that this is still just a speculation.

Considering many improvements that will occur we are sure that the price will also be higher. However, the fixed price is still unclear. Since there will be several trim levels, the prices will also be different from one to another. Now, just wait for the official announcement to know the fixed prices.

2020 Toyota Venza Competition

We can actually mention many rivals of the future Toyota Venza. However, from many potential rivals, we consider 2020 Honda Crosstour as the biggest competitor. The exterior and interior design cannot be doubted because the changes will create big improvements. So, it is better to focus on other aspects like engine and specs.

Reportedly, the next generation of Honda Crosstour will be powered by a 4-cylinder & 2 V6 engines. Besides that, optionally there will also be a 3.5 Liter V6 engine to power up this SUV. With compact displacement, the upcoming Honda Crosstour will remain set with 4-cooking pot. This engine is claimed to be very powerful.

2020 Toyota Venza Interior Colors and Dimensions

Many experts predict that the new engine will be able to generate up to 185 horsepower and also greater torque. There is one more option about the engine where possibly it will use a 2.4 Liter inline-4. Whatever the engine used, we are sure that Honda will not disappoint the buyers so that we all can expect for the better performance wholly.

To keep it competitive, the future Honda Crosstour will be sold with competitive prices. For the base model is predicted to be cost from around 30 dollars but the higher trim levels will certainly cost more expensively. In fact, there will be some trim levels with different detailed specs including the engine and performances.

2020 Toyota Venza is neither a station wagon nor SUV

The competition between Toyota Venza and Honda Crosstour will seem very great. However, both of them have not come out yet until now so that we have to be patient to wait for both of them. Like the upcoming Toyota Venza, the next generation of Honda Crosstour will also likely be released in the early of 2020 or in the late of 2019.

After reading the discussion above, we can see how the next generation of Toyota Venza will surely be impressive. It will not only offer aggressive exterior and sophisticated interior but also amazing performances. Even though the prices are still unknown, it will certainly be competitive. The different trim levels of 2020 Toyota Venza will let you choose one the most suitable for you.

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