2020 Toyota Fortuner TRD with Powerful Engine

2020 Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Models

Toyota produces many cars with various categories, and one of them is 2020 Toyota Fortuner as the upcoming model in mid-size SUV. This car also has the name Toyota SW4. Fortuner has been the top selling car in Toyota lineups for SUV market.

2020 Toyota Fortuner – The Car Development

The market for SUV started to gain more recognition since twenty years ago. New cars have been introduced or reintroduced to fulfill the demand. That’s what Toyota does until today. This company tries to accomplish many things, including becomes the top brand in SUV market.

The first Fortuner was released in 2004 in certain countries. After that, Toyota expands to other countries and receives utmost recognition. This car combines what SUV supposed to be with simple handling. In fact, the car has similarity in term of performance when compared to Fortuner and Hilux.

After the first release, Toyota improves some aspects and adds more features. The second generation was introduced in 2015. This car has more than what previous generation had. For new 2020 model, the design may not be much different. On the other hand, Toyota will focus on features and performance.

For your information, this car is available at Asia and South America countries. However, it is not available in Europe or North America. Well, it does not mean you cannot obtain this car. Toyota has different product with similar engine and category. You can try that one as an alternative of Fortuner.

2020 Toyota Fortuner – The Exterior and Interior Segment

The first generation still uses the old SUV frame with Hilux body. In addition, the new model will adopt the bold and sporty appearance. You can tell the differences between the old and new Fortuner immediately.

From exterior side, one thing you can recognize easily is headlamp. When you look to many Toyota cars, the headlight has similarity. Fortuner adopts Keen Look that has been applied into new Corolla. The headlamp is sharp integrated into front grille. Besides, the LED is installed to boost the visibility.

In general, this car has sportier style due to bold frame. The ground clearance is higher with a little bit longer chassis. This car is complete SUV although it is still in mid-size category. New model will have those configurations because it is in the same generation.

Moreover, the interior has several upgrades to boost the capability. The cabin is enough for seven to eight people including driver. Three-row seat will keep everyone in comfortable journey. Besides, you can fold the second and third rows in order to gain more space. The rear seat is commonly for extra luggage that’s easily folded.

The features are more sophisticated with modern touch. You can check all panels and maintain the car system just by looking at the front dashboard. Driver seat is comfortable, and steering is telescopic. You can do maneuver in any terrains without much hassle.

Furthermore, 2020 Toyota Fortuner has seatbelt and airbag for safety measures. Toyota enhances the safety support in order to gain better safety rate. Another feature is audio and multimedia. Passengers and drivers may enjoy music from their devices.

The Engine and Performance

SUV relies on engine to deliver the best performance. For 2020 Toyota Fortuner, the engine consists of several options, such as diesel and petrol. Each of them has varied capacities that you can choose based on your preference and need.

Well, petrol engine consists of two options: 2.7 liter and 4.0 liter. For 2.7 liter, the engine is inline 4 and fuel injection. Based on official information, this engine is capable to produce 160 hp. That’s more than enough for daily driving.

If you want powerful petrol engine, 4.0 liter is the best option. It uses V6 engine and fuel injection. This model produces 235 HP. Most people who need long driving and off-road, they choose Fortuner in this option.

Meanwhile, diesel uses engine with capacity 2.4 liter, 2.8 liter, and 3.0 liter. The smallest engine is capable to deliver 145 HP. For 2.8 liter, the engine is inline 4 and rail diesel VNT. This one is capable to boost 177 hp. The last option is 30 liter with 163 HP.

Each option has its own transmission, either automatic or manual. Both are available in 5-speed and 6-speed. You may choose manual when you need versatile handling. Moreover, automatic transmission is also reliable for unexpected driving. Each car delivers the best performance that you can obtain in mid-size SUV. That’s what you should know about the engine in 2020 Toyota Fortuner.

Competitors of 2020 Toyota Fortuner

Fortuner is mid-size SUV and there are many competitors in the same category. In order to understand the car’s capability, people often use competitors to do comparison. Several cars are direct competitors, and the rest might be interchangeable category.

First competitor is Hyundai Santa Fe. This car is at the top list in mid-size SUV category. The car has excellent handling, advanced features, and reliable performance. People like this car for such capability, and Toyota cannot ignore Santa Fe model from Hyundai.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Interior Dimensions

Another competitor comes from Japan, which is Honda Pilot. The car is elegant and sporty completed with high fuel efficiency. Fortuner will compete fiercely with this car, especially in term of design and capability.

The next model is Chevrolet Traverse that’s specifically for long driving with excellent handling. Chevrolet has several models in SUV category, and this one should be at the top list of mid-size level. The car has many features and supports.

Besides above competitors, there are still many cars which have equal specs and technology to Fortuner. Therefore, Fortuner must adapt immediately to survive in this business.

More about New Fortuner

From previous explanation, you know what Fortuner can do including its features, engine, and technology. The car is considered the best in mid-size category. Besides, the sales are stable each year. One benefit that people always like is about fuel efficiency. Fortuner is the top SUV with excellent rate.

2020 Toyota Fortuner SUV in USA

Besides engine, the new model also has several trim levels. Toyota wants to fulfill what customers want, and the trim level will has several variations. In that case, the price is varied, and 2020 Toyota Fortuner is quite affordable.

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