2020 Honda Element and Some Speculations of Specs in this Boxy Car

2020 Honda Element Crosstour is going to come back with a much more improved design

For 2020 edition, Honda prepares some lineups, and it seems 2020 Honda Element will become one of them. Since it is released for the first time ten years ago, the car has successfully made people attracted. It is not merely about its performance, but it is more about the design.

The design surely becomes one of the points that will make people easy recognize the car. The exterior design looks unique, and this has become identity of Honda Element for years. For 2020 model, Honda will keep its identity. Of course, there are some updates and changes.

Redesign Brought by New 2020 Honda Element

When talking about new car, people can have many points to discuss. If it is about the updates and changes, its redesign and concept will become the concern. Related to the new model of Honda Element, the manufacturer does not bring drastic changes for concept.

Well, there are some changes. As one of the big manufacturers, Honda will not only release similar car. The changes in performance are surely important, but new car should also be refreshed. Surely, it’s also what is found in 2020 Honda Element. There are some upgrades to expect as the good points.

In term of exterior design, boxy concept will be the main point. This design comes in improvements in term of frame and body material. Honda follows the trend of using lighter material with great sturdiness. That’s why the manufacturers also increase the quality of its frame, so it still gives better weight management with lighter weight.

Based on design, it seems most of people may say that new Honda Element looks like a minivan. This look is found on its boxy main body. This creates bigger space that makes the car look like minivan. However, even if it has minivan appearance, the car is dedicated as SUV by Honda.

As we know, SUV cannot be separated from HR-V and also CR-V as these two brothers get popularity. Many people decide to choose between these two to get the recommended SUV with good performance and feature. Of course, Honda is expected to adapt some potential designs from those two cars.

So far, the adaptation from HR-V and CR-V is based on the smoother lines and curves found on the whole body. Besides, its grille and front fascia cannot be ignored as well. This new Honda Element brings some better changes for front fascia to upgrade the appearance.

The Interior Aspect of Honda Element

Guessing and predicting the interior of 2020 Honda Element is not as simple as predicting the exterior. So far, there are many rumors and photos that give the clues and descriptions regarding the exterior look of the car.

Unfortunately, it will be different case for interior part since sometimes it is not easy to get the spy shots for this part. Well, the spy shots are mostly limited in case of exterior part. It is quite rare to find some pictures to describe the interior.

Then, about the things inside cabin, the boxy design is very important to gain the spacious body capacity, and this is not bad at all. Even, some people always expect to have spacious cabin to gain comfort when it is to drive with some passengers. The roomy space is also great to give enough leg room.

However, there are no clues and information regarding the details of cabins. There are actually some pictures showing the cabin, but they are not the real photos and more about the concept or design of interior.

So far, it is predicted that Honda Element will share some similarities with its sibling. Honda CR-V and Honda BR-V may become the reference to see the car. Unfortunately, things are still unclear for this vehicle.

Based on some predictions, the dashboard and front area will be improved, and it is quite different from the siblings. There may also big screen both for navigation and entertainment. To give good comfort, the seats will get some treatments with entertainment access.

The Engine Specs and Performance

One of good things about Honda Element is about engine. Yes, every new model of Honda Element always received some enhancements for the sector of performance. Of course, there is also big hope to find improvement under its hood.

Furthermore, it is predicted that 2020 Honda Element will have 2.4liter engine. However, it is not clear enough to know the detail. Fortunately, some sources say this engine is more than enough to provide around 150 horsepower. It may not be big power to obtain, even when it is compared to its sibling, but actually it is not bad point.

There is also option for other engine. 2.4liter engine is predicted to be the base model. Then, the higher spec will have better option. It can provide up to 190 horsepower. The difference is not too far, but it is still worth to gain.

Moreover, some rumors state 2020 Honda Element will have hybrid engine. It may not become big news to know. Lately, hybrid engine is already common thing to offer. Most of the middle class and high-end cars already have option of hybrid engine.

Unfortunately, similar to the other details, there is no valid and clear clue regarding hybrid powertrain. Yet, it is said hybrid engine can be higher in specs and performance. Surely, this is worth to wait in 2020.

The Price and Competitor of 2020 Honda Element

Although the details mostly are still predictions and rumors, it is interesting to know the information about its price. So far, it is expected the SUV will be priced around $20,000 up to $30,000. This is the price range from the base model to the highest specs.

In term of competitor, there are two cars from Toyota. They are Toyota FJ Cruiser and also Ray4. Both of them come as the SUV crossover and the price range is not too different. The two cars can give good competitions. Then, there is also Subaru Forester that may compete with 2020 Honda Element.

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