2020 Ford Thunderbird Price, Review, Road Test

2020 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Concept Spied

2020 Ford Thunderbird is going to come in the next year with plenty of luxury. This iconic coupe has been discontinued many years and now it is ready to return. Compared to the last model in 2005, the upcoming version will come back with many changes. For the future model, there will be a convertible variant, too.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Exterior & Interior Changes

The next generation of Ford Thunder will look similar to its previous model which is close to its original concept. It will come with blue oval combined perfectly with modern styling cues so that it will look more impressive. Anyway, the future Ford Thunderbird will look exceptionally unique & aerodynamics but unfortunately the fixed architecture is still unclear.

One of the most significant changes can be seen of the lighter body weight because of the lighter materials. However, the hood and the wheelbase for the All New 2020 Ford Thunderbird will be longer. In addition, this car will also feature a wide mesh grille, LED headlights & taillights, and other new parts. Overall, this 2-door coupe will still have an intact body configuration.

Moving to the cabin, this sporty coupe is going to offer a modern & comfortable interior design. Unfortunately, it is still unclear how the interior will look like. The Blue Oval may opt for the race-inspired look. On the other hand, you will see plenty of luxury for a traditional interior.

Reportedly, the new cabin will have an ample space and there is no doubt about it. You will surely find wood trims, premium amenities and also leather seats. Besides that, it will also be featured with standard features like a large infotainment display. Moreover, it will also have luxurious features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as a room for 2 passengers.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Engine Specs

After seeing the exterior and interior design, now let’s see the 2020 Ford Thunderbird engine. There will be some trim levels & 2 drivetrain options. The first is standard EcoBoost engine with 2.3 Liter gasoline where it is claimed to be able to generate up to 250 HP as well as 280 pounds feet of torque. The platform is still a mystery but we are sure that it will use Rear Wheel Drive setup.

There will be an optional All Wheel Drive system, too. The second engine option is 9-speed automated gearbox where it is mated to 3.0 Liter engine for the upper trims only. With this engine, it is predicted to be able to deliver up to 310 HP and of course higher torque.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Release Date & Price

It is always interesting to talk about its price & release date. However, the company is still silent about this topic so that we can only guess and speculate it. There are also various versions about the rumored release date. So, which one is most possible to be true?

The first rumor says that 2020 Ford Thunderbird will be officially released in the second half of 2019. However, the company has not confirmed yet until now so that this rumor seems impossible to come true. But we can still expect to see the future Ford Thunderbird in the late of 2019. Anyway, the most possible release date is in the early of 2020.

Discussing about 2020 Ford Thunderbird review is not complete without the price. So, we have to discuss about the estimated price because the fixed price is still unknown. After many years, the future Ford Thunderbird will cost expensively and it is normal. Even more, there will be many changes & improvements you will notice.

Since there will be several trim levels, the price will also be different from one trim to another. For the base model, this sporty couple will be priced from about 40,000 dollars. So, the higher trim levels will be more expensive. However, this price is reasonable and competitive considering the specs offered.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Competition

The competition will be very tough in the next year. The future Ford Thunderbird will have some big rivals that are ready to compete each other. Since this car is reportedly to come in a convertible variant, too, you will find that it will compete with BMW 4 Series as well as Mercedes C-Class. However, Chevrolet Corvette is predicted to be the biggest rival.

2019 Chevy Corvette is priced at around 70,000 dollars. We can see that the price is much higher than the upcoming version of Ford Thunderbird. For the powertrain, it uses 8-speed automated transmission and Rear Wheel Drive setup. As a result, the fuel economy is very impressive where it can go 15 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on highway.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Interior

You need to thank to its engine where it uses gasoline fuel type and 8 cylinders. This engine is very powerful where it can deliver up to 460 horsepower as well as 465 pounds feet of torque. For the displacement, it offers 6,200cc. Overall, this engine can produce impressive performance wholly.

The features are also complete including the safety and comfort & convenience. For the safety, it comes with standard front side airbags, passenger airbag, driver airbag, and ABS brakes. For the comfort & convenience feature, it offers standard passenger power seats, driver power seats, power door locks, power windows, radio, air conditioning, and leather seats.

2020 Ford Thunderbird for Sale

The interior is very comfortable where it offers 2 seats with 43 inch front legroom. For the exterior, this car comes with ideal dimensions and large wheelbase. In relation to the payload & towing capacity, it has a capability of 10 cu feet cargo volume. Based on the specs offered above, overall the latest Chevy Corvette has all what it needs to rule the car market.

From the discussion above, we can conclude that Ford is preparing their upcoming Thunderbird properly. The rumors about this sporty coupe become stronger and wider so that it becomes one of the most awaited cars today. Now, what we can do is only to wait for the company to officially introduce 2020 Ford Thunderbird to us.

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