2020 Dodge Ramcharger as New SUV with Powerful Engine

2020 Dodge Ramcharger Prices and expert review

Dodge has rumor to reintroduce new 2020 Dodge Ramcharger. The last model was discontinued in 2001 after long production. Ramcharger was full-size SUV with big body frame, vast cabin capacity, and strong wheelbase. To know more about this car, you need to read the next section.

2020 Dodge Ramcharger – The Detailed Information and Development

Introducing new car is not easy task, even for prominent carmaker like Dodge. SUV market is tough with many competitors. Dodge will face competitions from domestic companies because they are in the same category. On the other side, Ramcharger is not popular name even though the car has long history.

The first release was in early 1970 as SUV to compete head to head with Ford Bronco. Both cars were no longer in market since they are already discontinued. Besides, Ford seems to put aside Bronco and focuses on their own SUV. This is not what Dodge does in the next few years. This company does not have replacement for Ramcharger.

The recent SUV from Dodge is Durango that belongs to mid-size SUV. On the other hand, Dodge also has pickup truck with nameplate as Ram. In this case, Ramcharger might takes design and appearance based on pickup truck that Ram produces. This idea is feasible since Dodge does not need much development stage.

On the other side, 2020 Dodge Ramcharger should be more than rebranded car. This model needs to show the real SUV from Dodge. The design adopts strong frame with long wheelbase. The front grille and hood will be quite similar to Durango but sturdier. In addition, the high ground clearance is added with protective support. Finally, Dodge Ramcharger looks like what SUV supposed to be.

Its interior needs more enhancements for features, technology, and comfort. The large SUV is big enough for seven to eight people including driver. Each seat has safety belts and personal support. The seat uses three-row with extra legroom.

You can use this car for daily transportation. For that purpose, extra space is necessary at the rear side. When you need more space for things, just fold the second and last row to be in the same level as car floor. You might put many things then keep them in stable position. This kind of function makes Ramcharger worth to revive.

2020 Dodge Ramcharger Technical Specs

The next thing about 2020 Dodge Ramcharger is the type of engine. Large SUV is not he car for fast driving. On contrary, the performance depends on capability to do long journey and lift many stuffs. The engine has several options depending on what trim level Dodge will make.

Competitors have engine between 3.0 liter and more than 6.2 liter. For SUV, 3.0 liter is very small, but you cannot justify the performance based on engine capacity. Certain model is more reliable with smaller engine because that’s what people need. For Ramcharger, the engine should be 4.0 liter and 5.2 liter. Two options are enough for new model.

Customers may choose smaller one when they require regular SUV. For more performance and utility, big engine is far better. Besides engine, Ramcharger has capability as similar to pickup truck. It means the car can do off-road, lifting, and towing. Dodge might use Ram pickup to adjust this kind capability.

The engine needs technology to support capability. The basic features are installed, such as cruise control, hill assist, sensor, navigation, lane departure assist, parking support, and tire pressure system. They are obligatory features that SUV always has. In that case, Ramcharger cannot forget this one before released on market.

Moreover, the suspension and transmission must be excellent. Besides, Dodge should consider installing simple handling. Large SUV with easy maneuver is favorable. People will like and buy this car directly after it’s available on market.

The Competitors for New Ramcharger

As it mentioned above, 2020 Dodge Ramcharger will be in tough market with many competitors. Dodge produces the car that’s mainly for USA market. Several competitors are in the same level as Ramcharger to be the large SUV.

First competitor comes from Chevrolet with the large SUV lineups. This company has two models for this category, which are Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe. As you can see, one manufacturer puts two vehicles for the same segment. They compete with others, including new Ramcharger.

Another competitor comes from Ford with the name Ford Expedition. As you know, Dodge and Ford have been in long competition in many areas. However, Dodge seems to hold back when entering the large SUV market. Meanwhile, Expedition is considered the best model with many features and technology.

Dodge puts Ramcharger to be head to head with cars from Chevrolet and Ford. Another model to be considered is GMC Yukon that cannot be ignored. This car is large SUV which looks like Tahoe. Chevrolet and GMC share the same platform each other. Besides domestic competition, Dodge must face other cars from Asia, such as Toyota and Nissan.

The Estimated Price and Release Date

If 2020 Dodge Ramcharger is available on market, the base price might not be much different from others. For standard trim level, the price starts at $50,000. This number is average price that customers must pay for the new large SUV. In the future, the may price increase but it is still below $70,000.

Another option for the price is more than $60,000. This kind of price is usually for special edition. The large SUV uses more features, and the trim levels are better than regular one. Dodge might put Ramcharger in this price level as long as the specifications are top notch.

Furthermore, the price is important for SUV as it is relatively higher compared to other cars. Ramcharger is full-size SUV, which means you pay more than Durango. Of course, the price should be in the same level as others. Besides, the price is sensitive and easily changed due to external factor.

People surely want to know when this car is ready. It is tough question since Ramcharger might be ready this year. On the other side, 2020 Dodge Ramcharger should be for the concept, and few years later, Dodge will enter large SUV category.

You need to wait patiently until this car is ready. If Dodge takes Ram as the base model, Ramcharger might be available few year ahead. This is what you should understand regarding 2020 Dodge Ramcharger.

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