2020 Dodge Magnum Redesigns, Specs, Price

2020 Dodge Magnum For Sale

When it talks about Dodge SUV, we remember that Dodge Magnum will return in the next year called 2020 Dodge Magnum. After a few years we cannot see the new model of this SUV, now you will be able to see the fresh model soon. Therefore, it is very interesting to pay attention to its rumors about the exterior & interior redesigns, new engine, estimated price and even its potential competitors.

2020 Dodge Magnum Exterior & Interior

Starts from its exterior, you will find that the new 2020 Dodge Magnum redesign looks fresh. There will be some changes on the body. For example, the bumpers, grille, headlights and taillights will be new. So, the exterior will make the upcoming Dodge Magnum look more aggressive.

Even though it is not confirmed yet by the company, we can expect that the future Dodge Magnum will reduce the weight. If it comes true, of course the lighter body will impact the performance to be better. For the fixed exterior redesign, it is better to wait for the official announcement from the company.

Not only the exterior, but the interior of the next generation of Dodge Magnum will also be redesigned. Besides that, it will also be featured with sophisticated & advanced technologies. Some of the examples are such as an electric driver seat with a payload internet, security window, safety manages, etc.

Inside the cabin, you will also find new stereo system to improve the entertainment feature. The interior color will also be more various to add the options for the buyers. Other great features you will find in the cabin are such as a sunroof, a nice rooftop holder, put socks, personal repairing auto tires, accommodating pedals, safety bags, Disc charger, etc.

2020 Dodge Magnum Engine

2020 Dodge Magnum powertrain will be amazing but the engine depends on the trim. For SE model, it will use a 2.7 Liter V6 engine where it is claimed to be able to produce 200 horsepower. For SXT model, it will be powered by a 3.5 Liter V6 engine that can deliver up to 250 horsepower. The next trim is RT model where it will come with a 5.7 Liter Hemi V8 engine that offers 340 stallions as well as 390 pounds feet of torque.

Besides that, the V6 version will use 4-rate made transmissions whereas the RT and SXT will have some developments. With the engine improvements, we are sure that the new generation of Dodge Magnum will be much more powerful. Furthermore, the other performances will also be better to make the buyers more satisfied.

2020 Dodge Magnum Release Date & Price

Because the rumors about the specs of 2020 Dodge Magnum spread far and farther, many people are curious about when this new SUV is going to be launched by the company. Unfortunately, the company has not confirmed yet about it. So, everything we hear about its release date is still a speculation.

Based on the rumors spread, many experts predict that Dodge Magnum 2020 will be officially released in the early of 2020. However, we can still expect to see this SUV sooner in the late of 2019. Whenever it will be released, we can guarantee that the new generation of Dodge Magnum will be available in the dealer in the middle of 2020.

After knowing the specs above, it is very interesting to know the price of this upcoming Dodge Magnum. However, the company is still silent about it. Even more, the rumors about its price are so various. So, we have to be able to identify which rumor is most trusted to inform the price of Dodge Magnum.

From different rumors, we find the most reasonable estimation of the upcoming Dodge Magnum’s price. For the base model, the price may start around 22,000 dollars. Because there will be some higher trims, they will also have higher prices.

2020 Dodge Magnum Competition

Talking about the future SUV, Dodge Magnum will not be alone. There will be some rivals that are ready to compete in the future car market. One of them is 2020 Honda CR-V which is very popular in every country around the world.

As we all know, Honda CR-V can be considered as one of the most popular and best small family crossover SUVs recently. It is predicted that the future CR-V will still be able to rule the car market in this segment. Of course, it is very interesting to see the competition between Dodge Magnum with Honda CR-V.

Reportedly, the future Honda CR-V will be powered by a 1.5 Liter turbocharged engine 4-Cylinder that can deliver 190 HP & 190 pounds feet of torque. Besides that, there will also be an optional 2.4 Liter engine 4-Cylinder that can generate 185 horsepower as well as 180 pounds feet of torque. For the price, the base model will cost from around 25,000 dollars to 33,000 dollars.

Another best rival will be 2020 Land Rover Defender. The upcoming Land Rover Defender will come in both 2-door & 4-door models. For the price, it will starts from 51,000 dollars for the base model whereas the highest model can be priced up to 100,000 dollars. With that high price, what will be offered by this amazing SUV?

2020 Dodge Magnum Interior Dimensions

You will be amazed with its performance because it will use a 2.0 Liter turbo-4 engine that can deliver up to 296 HP as well as 295 pounds feet of torque. There will also be a more powerful option with a 3.0 Liter turbocharged inline-6 mill where it is predicted to be able to produce 395 HP as well as 406 pounds feet of torque. And there will still be many improvements offered such as the fresh exterior & interior designs.

2020 Dodge Magnum SRT Hellcat Preview

Based on the discussion above, we can conclude that Dodge Magnum is ready to compete with the rivals in the next year car market. The company has prepared the designs and specs properly to impress the buyers. That is why it belongs to one of the most awaited SUVs. Now, we just need to wait for the official confirmation from the company to see whether these rumors about 2020 Dodge Magnum will come true.

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