2020 Dodge Barracuda with the New Design and Engine

2020 Dodge Barracuda Top Features You Should Know

After acquired the name and company, new 2020 Dodge Barracuda is started to develop. Dodge is prominent manufacturer in car industry. As you know, several models are known to be iconic, especially in sport car category. In past time, there was the car with name as Barracuda, but it is no longer available since early.

There is rumor about this model for the next year. The fans want Dodge to revive old Barracuda with new engine and design. For such purpose, several information will help to understand about the current and next situation. For more about this topic, you should check the next section.

2020 Dodge Barracuda – The Rumors and Development Details

2020 Dodge Barracuda is still rumor, but there is solid proof that this car will be a part of Dodge lineup. This car was the top choice in sport category. In fact, Barracuda is on par with Challenger. The latter is sport car in recent Dodge lineups.

If Barracuda is released, Dodge will be put in the same category as Challenger. It is quite difficult decision because both have the same market. Challenger is already prominent name and people recognize any style that Challenger obtains. On the other side, Barracuda needs to put new design and bring iconic nameplate.

Several photos or pictures show rendering design to what Barracuda will be. The design adopts recent style that most sport car in USA has. You may see muscle-based frame and bodywork with leaner and sleek approach. Few years ago, big and bulk frame was favorite choice because it represented what sport car supposed to be. However, Barracuda must adapt to what people like today.

The easiest way is from Dodge Challenger design. Even though both cars come from the same company, Barracuda must have their own style. In that case, Dodge should try to add several trim levels and paint. Another option is the idea for special edition of Challenger with Barracuda for nameplate. Instead of the new one, it is far easier to integrate with existing one.

The Expected Engine and Performance

When 2020 Dodge Barracuda is ready, people want to know about the engine and performance. As sport car, engine is the most important thing. Based on the latest sport car trend, the engine consists of several types in single brand.

For example, you can find Challenger with many engine options. However, this is not good way when reintroducing Barracuda. One engine is definite option because it creates exclusiveness. With few options, people will buy more.

The expected engine is between 4.0 and 6.0 liter with V8 to V10 engine. That’s most common for sport car today and few years ahead. This category does not change much for past ten years. You still see the same model and engine from three years ago.

After engine, the next thing is about performance. Common sport car has powertrain at least 350 hp. This is for small engine with standard configuration. Furthermore, Barracuda might be higher because this sport car is special and unique. In that case, people want to feel different, and experience the thing they never do.

Another option seems to be more powerful than regular car. For such purpose, Barracuda should be capable to exhaust at least 500 hp. Such engine is considered as the top performance and suitable for high speed driving. The estimated acceleration is between 3 and 5 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

Moreover, the car also has several technologies and features. Its cabin uses high quality seat to be comfortable. The display with touchscreen is installed and driver can control many things. The safety measures are also available, such as cruise control, lane departure assist, parking assist, sensor, and camera. Basically, every technology to support the sport car needs to be installed in new Barracuda.

To know more about technical specs, you should wait for official release. The engine and performance which have been explained are only estimation. They might be similar or different to what will be applied. That’s what you should know about this topic related to the car performance.

2020 Dodge Barracuda Competitors

Barracuda is not the only car in sport segment. Dodge is the USA Company which several competitors will come from the same country. Moreover, you will see the close relationship between each other in term of philosophy, development, configuration, style, specs, and price.

When discussing about sport or muscle car in America style, one name is recognized as iconic car. You are surely familiar with Ford Mustang that’s considered as the top sport car. This car has been on market for long time ago. In fact, Barracuda and the rest of muscle cars were created and produced to be Mustang competitors.

The next rival is Chevrolet Camaro. This name is another top competitor in sport car. The design, engine, and performance are significantly improved each year. In fact, Challenger needs more effort to compete with Camaro. Of course, both cars are in the same segment. Barracuda must watch what Camaro will be next year if they want to attract more customers.

Besides USA, some competitors also come from Asia and Europe. However, only few are considered the best. One of them is Nissan GTR that becomes the main competitor of 2020 Dodge Barracuda with excellent handling and engine. GTR also has upgrade each year that will be strong contender for new Barracuda.

Estimated Price for New Dodge Barracuda

Knowing the specs and competitors is important to justify what Barracuda can do. People will make comparison between this car and others. In sport car segment, one benefit will put the car into top choice. Moreover, some models are already in market for decades ago. That’s why the competition becomes tough and strict.

The next thing is about price. Interesting thing about sport car is that it’s less expensive, even the price is similar to regular one. You may take example of Dodge Challenger with base price at $28,900. With money less than $30,000, people can have new sport car. At certain point, the sport car has price more than $50,000; even reach $100,000 for the best of everything.

Of course, Barracuda is different, and the price is not just at regular base. More engine and capability creates higher price. Furthermore, special edition puts Barracuda at the advantage to bring the price a little bit expensive. Estimated price should be at least $40,000. That’s normal range for new 2020 Dodge Barracuda in sport category, especially with better specs and performance.

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