2020 Buick Riviera Concept Price, Release Date, Review

2020 Buick Riviera will come out by the next year

Buick Riviera will come with many changes for the next generation as 2020 Buick Riviera. For the upcoming version, the design will be changed, the features will be updated, and the performances will be improved. Therefore, it is very interesting to see the specs offered by the future Buick Riviera. So, let’s pay attention to the following discussion below.

2020 Buick Riviera Interior & Exterior Changes

The new version of Buick Riviera will come with more aerodynamic design. So, the body will be more balanced and it can also run faster. Besides that, the company will also reduce the body weight to be lighter with new materials. So, you can expect the faster speed and more efficient fuel economy.

Still related to the exterior design, you will find that some parts are redesigned. For example, you will see the new grille of this upcoming Buick Riviera. Besides that, some other parts will also be new such as the bumpers, headlights and taillights. Overall, the exterior design will look more aggressive and impressive.

Moving to inside the car, you will find the more spacious cabin with better & more commendable pocket. You will find that the seating will be more comfortable for both driver and passengers. Premium natural leather will be the dominant materials inside the cabin. Besides that, some sophisticated features and technologies will also be added.

It will not only focus on the comfort but also other aspects. Some advanced features related to the safety and infotainment will also be applied completely. Overall, the design of the future Buick Riviera will be impressive both inside and outside.

2020 Buick Riviera Engine Specs

Now, let’s talk about 2020 Buick Riviera engine because it will significantly be upgraded. Reportedly, the future Riviera will get a 3.5 Liter V6 engine where it is claimed to be able to produce 320 HP as well as 270 pounds feet of torque. Of course, this power is much bigger than its predecessor.

Still related to 2020 Buick Riviera specs, it will also offer an optional 3 Liter V6 engine. If this engine comes true, experts predict that this engine will be able to generate up to 400 horsepower as well as 450 pounds feet of torque. The engine will be mated to 10-speed automated transmissions.

2020 Buick Riviera Release Date & Price

The rumors about the next generation of Buick Riviera have been spread since a few months ago. However, there is not a confirmation yet from the company about it. Because of that, many experts predict that the future Buick Riviera will not come out soon in this year. On the other hand, this upcoming Riviera is also prepared for the 2020 car market.

So far, we can also guess that 2020 Buick Riviera will be launched officially in the first quarter of 2020. However, it does not block the chance to see it earlier in the late of 2019. Anyway, we are sure that this upcoming Riviera will be available in the middle of 2020 next year.

After we talk everything about its exterior, interior, engine and release date, now it is time to talk about 2020 Buick Riviera price. Since the company is still silent about it, we cannot say too much to you. However, we will still inform you about the rumors of its estimated price.

Since it will be available in different trim levels, the prices will also be various depending on the trim. For the base model, the starting price will be at about 50,000 dollars. However, the higher trim levels will be priced more expensively. Different trims will come with different details of specs.

2020 Buick Riviera Competition

In the future, Buick Riviera will have some rivals in the same segment. From many potential rivals to come, 2020 Cadillac Eldorado is predicted to be one of the biggest rivals. So, it is very interesting to discuss further about the future Cadillac Eldorado so that we can compare it to the next generation of Buick Riviera.

Starts from its price, the future Eldorado will be priced from around 46,000 dollars for the base model whereas the higher models will reach up to 50,000 dollars. However, the fixed prices are still unclear but at least we have had the image about it.

The exterior will also get some changes especially on several parts. Besides the new grille, you will also find the updated bumpers, taillights and headlights. Even more, this SUV will come with blowing wind resistant residential and other modern technologies. Anyway, the new exterior will be more solid and more aggressive.

The interior will also be as impressive as its exterior design because you will find comfort and convenience. Inside the cabin, you can see top notch organic natural leather for the chair fabric material. Besides that, there is also an elegant display and other sophistications there. Anyway, everything about the safety, comfort and infotainment is applied completely.

2020 Buick Riviera What’s So Amazing from Its Design Both Outside and Inside

Comparing the engine, this SUV will come with V8 4.8 Liter engine. This engine is powerful enough where it can deliver great power and torque. Besides that, the speed and fuel economy will also be very impressive but unfortunately they are still unveiled. The engine above will be mated to 6-rate auto transmissions.

The same question which arises is about when the next generation of Cadillac Eldorado is going to be released officially. Even though the company is still silent and has not confirmed yet anything about its release date, this topic is always interesting to be discussed. Many experts believe that the company will introduce it in the early of 2020 and the car will be available in the dealer soon after its release. So, just let’s see whether this rumor will come true or not.

2020 Buick Riviera Future Concept Car

From the discussion above, we can make a conclusion that Buick Riviera will bring many changes for the upcoming version. Even though the detailed specs are still unclear, these trusted rumors are likely to come true in the next year. Now, we can only hope that 2020 Buick Riviera will bring new designs and specs that meet the customer satisfaction.

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